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Paul C. Buff, Inc.™ leads the studio photoflash industry in technology and innovation... always creating, never copying. By combining the cost savings of eliminating middlemen and the price lowering savings of creative, high technology engineering and manufacturing techniques, plus sheer volume, Buff achieves a price vs. performance ratio and customer loyalty unrivaled by any competitor. But perhaps the largest factor in our success lies in our legendary commitment to customer satisfaction and simple, reliable direct access to our staff from customers. Our motto is simple: the Golden Rule. Read more...

Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme The OMNI Reflector Limited Edition AlienBees

News and Announcements
  • NOW AVAILABLE: Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme
    (04/22/2014) - Now available Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme! Learn More...
  • COMING SOON: Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme
    (04/04/2014) - Paul has announced the VLX™! A 4th generation Vagabond™ compact portable power system for studio flash units. Read the full announcement in our forum.
  • COMING SOON: The OMNI Reflector
    (04/04/2014) - Paul has announced the OMNI Reflector! The BUFF OMNI system ($79.95 including 3 layer accessory diffuser sock - shipping about April 20) is a unique multipurpose 18" diameter reflector system for all BUFF lights. Read the full announcement in our forum.
  • Canadian Repair Center
    (01/07/2013) - We are pleased to recommend our new authorized repair center in Canada, Service Camera Pro. Learn more…
  • NOW AVAILABLE: New Limited Edition Colors!
    (10/24/2012) - Limited Edition Purple Haze and Navajo Turquoise AlienBees™ are now available! Click here for details.
  • New Einstein™ E640 advertisement available!
    (10/17/2012) - In our latest ad, Paul explores how our Einstein™ E640 performs compared to much more expensive competitors. See the ad before it hits newsstands here!
  • NOW AVAILABLE: 22-inch Reflector Bag
    (06/28/2012) - The 22-inch Reflector Bag is now available for ordering! All new lightweight soft-side carrying bag for your Beauty Dish or Retro Laser™. Check it out here.
  • Invoices Will Be Emailed Beginning January 1, 2012
    (12/20/2011) - As of January 1, 2012, we will no longer be mailing hard copies of invoices. Your invoice / receipt will be emailed after your order has been shipped. The invoice will be sent to the email address that you provide during checkout. In the past, we have mailed hard copies of the invoices and received numerous requests for email versions. If you still would like a hard copy version, please note that when ordering online or ask when placing your order by phone.
  • TWiP interviews Paul C. Buff
    (12/14/2011) - This Week In Photo host Frederick Van Johnson interviews Paul C. Buff in their latest episode. To listen to this episode click here!
  • Einstein featured on Strobist!
    (10/26/2011) - David Hobby has written a great article on Strobist about Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz and his Silver Angel series of images, that are featured in our current Shutterbug advertisement. To learn about how Jaroslav uses his Einsteins to create such amazing photos click here to visit Strobist.
    (8/30/2011) - 12 new versions of the PLM™ are now available for ordering, including both a standard umbrella-style version and on on-axis speedring version with a new “soft silver” fabric. All versions now shipping from stock! Check out the new PLM™ page.
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Factory-Direct Sales: The Paul C. Buff™ Distribution Model
Where traditional distribution methods include wholesalers, distributors and dealers (and all of their middlemen), causing prices to skyrocket and product knowledge to plummet, Paul C. Buff, Inc.™ is able to offer the highest quality product at the lowest possible price through factory-direct sales. This means that our customer service is factory-direct as well, with technical questions, repairs and support traveling direct from the customer to the company that made the product. Our unique model allows us to serve customers in the U.S. and Canada where we sell more studio lights and accessories than all of our competitors combined. The realities of global business, however, have forced us to adjust our model for international sales, and the complexities involved force prices outside of the U.S. to be higher. Read more here…

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We are pleased to recommend our new authorized repair center in Canada, Service Camera Pro. Learn more…

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