Zeus Bi-Tube Flash Head Zeus Bi-Tube Flash Head Zeus Bi-Tube Flash Head
Zeus™ Bi-Tube Flash Head
Part Number: Z2500BTH
Price: $399.95
This product has been discontinued.

Zeus™ Bi-Tube Flash Head

  • requires a Z1250 or Z2500 power pack for use
  • high-power bi-tube flash head for professional use
  • 5,000 Ws maximum input (connected to two Z2500 packs)
  • 3 pounds total weight
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 2-Year Factory Warranty

The Zeus™ system is a pack-and-head system. Unlike our traditional AlienBees™, White Lightning™ and Einstein™ monolight (also known as “self-contained”) flash units where the flash head and power supply are all housed together, the Zeus™ system is comprised of separate power packs (the Z1250 and Z2500) and various flash heads (the ZRM1, the Z2500SH and the Z2500BTH). Each flash head requires a power pack and that power pack is then plugged into a suitable AC power source.

The ZEUS Z2500BTH Bi-Tube Flash Head (requires either one or two Z1250 or Z2500 power packs for use) allows connection of a single compact light head to both power supply connectors on a Zeus™ power pack for exceedingly fast flash durations, or to two separate Zeus™ power packs for even higher power - up to 5000 True Ws! This is an excellent tool for sports photographers who need large amounts of light at very fast flash durations and for large lighting projects that require extremely high light levels.

The flash head incorporates two half-circle flashtubes and a 250 Watt modeling lamp, carefully engineered to provide an accurate preview with matched intensity ratios and light patterns. While the provided 7-inch reflector incorporates a built-in umbrella hole, a full range of accessories are compatible with the flash head as the standard Paul C. Buff™ quick-release faceplate mechanism attaches the entire line of reflectors, softboxes and other light modifying accessories.

Each Z2500BTH head arrives with two 12-foot Zeus™ power supply cables hardwired to the back panel. These cables connect the flash head to either one or two power packs, mechanically locking into either the A and B power cable sockets on one Z1250 / Z2500 or one power cable socket each on two Z1250/Z2500 packs.

Zeus™ Z2500BTH Standard Flash Head
Maximum Input Power 5000 True Ws (at 700 Volts) with two Z2500 packs
Maximum Continuous Usage 30,000 Ws per minute
Flash Duration (t.5) 1/1200 second at 5000 Ws (connected to two Z2500 packs)
1/2000 second at 2500 Ws (connected to one Z2500 pack)
1/1250 seconds at 1250 Ws (connected to one Z2500 pack)
Flash Duration (t.1) 1/350 second at 5000 Ws (connected to two Z2500 packs)
1/600 second at 2500 Ws (connected to one Z2500 pack)
1/900 seconds at 1250 Ws (connected to one Z2500 pack)
Modeling Lamp 250W user-replaceable 250 Watt modeling lamp supplied
Flashtube two FTBT12MMQUV user-replaceable 12mm flashtubes supplied
Stand Mount fits stands up to 5/8"
Umbrella Mount fits poles up to 3/8"
Standard Reflector 7AB/R 7-inch silver field reflector supplied (80º beam spread)
Weight 3 pounds
Dimensions 9.25” length (with shipping cover) x 7.125” height (from the top of the umbrella screw to the bottom of the light stand top coupler, folded back underneath the unit) x 4.6875” width

Note: The maximum continuous usage rating dictates the practical usage limit. For example, if a Z2500SH Standard Head is connected to a Z2500 pack (in either the A or B socket) with the full power distributed to the one head and the flashpower adjustment slider at the full position, the head would be set to flash at its maximum power input level of 2,500 Ws. To stay within the maximum continuous usage guideline, the head should only be fired 12 times per minute (12 x 2,500 True Ws = 30,000 True Ws) at these settings. The maximum continuous usage rating for both the Z1250 and Z2500 power packs is also 30,000 Ws per minute. With the Zeus™ Z2500 power pack (at 2,500 Ws), the maximum recommended usage rate is 12 shots per minute (1 shot per 5 seconds on a continuous basis). With the Zeus™ Z1250 power pack (at 1,250 Ws), the maximum recommended usage rate is 24 shots per minute (1 shot per 2.5 seconds on a continuous basis).

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Note: Both the Z2500SH (pictured left) and Z2500BTH arrive with the flashtube(s) and modeling lamp in place on the unit with the protective shipping cover fitted over them. Both additionally arrive with the 7AB/R reflector, two small nylon clips, and either one 12-foot cable (on the Z2500SH) or two cables (on the Z2500BTH) hardwired to the back panel.
Power Packs: The Zeus™ system is a pack-and-head system. The Z2500BTH head requires either one or two power packs (either the Z1250 or Z2500) for use. As the Bi-Tube has two power supply cables (hardwired to the head) connecting to the two flashtubes, the head can be connected to both outlets on one Zeus™ power pack or to one outlet on each of two Zeus™ power packs for more total input power. Note: The required power packs are not to be confused with portable battery packs; the head cannot be plugged directly into the Vagabond™ or Vagabond Mini™ system.

Light Stands: Each Zeus™ head must be securely mounted to a light stand for use. The stand mount on each unit is compatible with most standard light stands having top couplers up to 5/8-inch and may be used on our Paul C. Buff™ LS1100, LS3050, LS3900 and TS13AC light stands as well as our MBA Baby Boomer™.

PLM™ and Umbrellas: Each Zeus™ head has an umbrella shaft that runs along the top length of the unit housing, fitting standard umbrella poles up to 3/8-inch in diameter. It may be used with the PLM™ system (both the current model and previous models) as well as retired Paul C. Buff™ umbrellas. With the PLM™ system's on-axis speedring mount may be used as well.

Softboxes and Octaboxes: The faceplate on each Zeus™ head has four holding fingers that expand and contract to hold speedrings for softbox and octabox attachment. The head may be used with any of our foldable softboxes, octaboxes or stripbox as well as retired models of Paul C. Buff™ softboxes and octaboxes. When using softboxes by other manufacturers, you will need to get a Paul C. Buff™ compatible speedring.

Reflectors: The four holding fingers on the faceplate also expand and contract to hold various reflectors. Each unit arrives with our 7AB/R 7-inch silver reflector for general use and is additionally compatible with our 8.5HOR 8.5-inch high-output silver reflector, the 11LTR 11-inch long-throw reflector, the 22HOBD and 22HOBD-W beauty dishes, the 22RLR Retro Laser™, the UBR background reflector and the 7UR reflector. The UMF LiteMod™ Unit Mainframe (and its associated accessories) may also be used. If you wish to use honeycomb grids, the 7-inch grids (HG10, HG20, HG30, HG40 and the HG4X set) are compatible with the supplied 7-inch reflector.

Gels and Filters: Our standard gels and filters (CF6, CF20, WF6, UV6, DF6 and ND6) may all be used with Zeus™ heads, used with the LiteMod™ system or with the standard 7-inch reflector (using the small nylon clips provided).

Travel Gear: One Zeus™ head can be carried in our PCBBAG Paul C. Buff™ single-light carrying bag (with the shipping cover, reflector, power supply cord and room for other small accessories). For consideration of travel cases from other manufacturers, the Z2500BTH dimensions are 5.25" height (from the top of the unit to the base of the stand mount) x 4" width x 7" length (with the shipping cover in place), plus the 12-foot power supply cord which is hardwired to the unit.

Replacing Zeus™ Components: For future replacement needs, the flashtubes used in each Z2500BTH head are FTBT12MMQUV flashtubes (two half-circle tubes used in each head). These are user-replaceable tubes arriving with instructions for replacement. The modeling lamp used in the unit is the JD250W modeling lamp, also user-replaceable. Other flashtubes and modeling lamps may not be substituted.

Dyna-Lite Power Packs: The ZRM1, Z2500SH and Z2500BTH are pin for pin and voltage for voltage compatible with the Dyna-Lite M2000 series power packs. While we will warranty the Zeus™ flash heads when used with these power packs, we cannot make any warranty regarding the Dyna-Lite power packs under these or other uses.

For additional questions about Zeus™ compatibility, please contact our customer service team.