(AFFECTS SOME BATTERIES SHIPPED BETWEEN September 26th, 2011 and December 29th, 2011)

Dear Vagabond Mini Customer,

We have recently discovered that in this small batch of VML batteries, the vendor made an unauthorized battery management system chip substitution. In addition, we have received customer reports of fire (hazardous conditions) when charging batteries from this batch. While we have always tried to stress the importance of heeding all warnings and following all safety precautions with the system, this unapproved chip substitution may render a battery more susceptible to catastrophic failure if the user does not strictly adhere to the warnings and safety precautions regarding using, charging, and storing the battery. Please click here to read to updated Safety Hazard Warnings for Lithium Ion Batteries, available on our website.

As the potential hazard increases with age and use, we are voluntarily recalling this batch of batteries, at our cost, in an abundance of caution. This recall effectively represents a free, new battery for customers who originally purchased a VML system and/or spare battery in the affected batch. Although all affected batteries in this batch are both out of warranty and at or past their useable life since they are over three years old, we wish to go above and beyond typical practices in order to get potentially dangerous batteries out of the field, preclude any possible catastrophic failure or potential flame hazards, and emphasize the importance of following all safety precautions moving forward. Please note that VML batteries shipped before or after the affected period are not affected by the unauthorized part substitution, but the same warning and safety precautions should be followed for all VML batteries.

Beginning in January 2015, we will be sending emails to all affected customers in batches, offering free new VML batteries. This email will include the details of the recall with action required by you regarding the disposal of your affected battery. While this recall affects a small number of batteries, we will be contacting customers in batches, giving us time to process the recalls, confirm customer contact and shipping information, and ensure that all affected customers understand safety precautions moving forward. You will receive a follow up email from us to process a new battery at no cost to you – we anticipate contacting you within 120 days.

We urge you to review our Safety Hazard Warnings for Lithium Ion Batteries, available on our website and ensure that you are following all warnings and instructions for safe use, charging, and storing of you battery. As part of the recall, we will be asking customers involved to dispose of affected batteries at an authorized battery recycling center. You do not need to wait for our email to dispose of affected batteries, and if you have not closely followed the warnings and instructions outlined in the link above, or if your battery is at or past its useful life, you should immediately discontinue use and dispose of the battery now. You can search for a suitable retailer by zip code at or call 1-877-2-RECYCLE to find the nearest retailer that collects lithium ion batteries. Once you have identified a retailer, contact them to confirm that they collect lithium ion batteries and learn their specific instructions for turning in a battery.

We will be contacting you via email soon to begin your recall. We regret this issue and thank you for patience and understanding.

The Paul C. Buff, Inc. Customer Service Team