Vagabond Lithium Extreme Vagabond Lithium Extreme Vagabond Lithium Extreme Vagabond Lithium Extreme Vagabond Lithium Extreme
Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme
Part Number: VLX
Price: $399.95

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Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme

  • NEW!! Now available in two tone Cool Grey or Navajo Turquoise and Purple Haze
  • current-controlled true sine wave portable power source
  • operates flashes from internal lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
  • reliable power for multiple flashes (up to 3200 Ws)
  • offers increased capacity, longer battery life, and faster recycle
  • 120 VAC for use with all standard Paul C. Buff™ flashes
  • complete system arrives with inverter and battery connected
  • 3-hour rapid charger (supplied) quickly recharges battery
  • compact and lightweight design (6 pounds total weight)
  • can be connected to a light stand with built-in stand clamp
  • NOT intended to power modeling lamps
  • read warnings about using lithium batteries here
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty

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All Vagabond™ products containing a lithium battery (the VLX™ system, the VM120 and VM120-230V Vagabond Mini™ Lithium systems, the VLXBAT spare battery, or the VMB8.8A spare battery) are subject to a $62.50 Air Regulation Fee if the shipping method selected is an air method (Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3-Day Select, or Worldwide Express Saver). Shipments to AK, HI, and PR must ship via UPS Next Day Air or UPS 2nd Day Air. Learn more…

The VLX™ Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme is the fourth-generation of our Vagabond™ portable power line, offering a reliable, convenient, and lightweight portable power source. When working in the field, the VLX™ provides a current-controlled, pure sine wave power source for operation of AC powered studio flash units in locations where AC power is either unavailable or unreliable.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery:
Considered the safest, most robust, and longest lasting batteries available, the quick-change LiFePO4 battery used in the VLX™ system is designed for high surge power.
  • 25.6V, 6.2Ah, 158.7Wh battery
  • recycles approx. 330 Ws per second
  • offers 1000 to 1500 charge/discharge cycles and lasts 10+ years
  • includes a convenient charging port for the supplied charger
400W Continuous Power Inverter:
The BUFF™-designed VLX™ inverter takes the power from the battery and converts it into a usable, 120VAC pure sine wave power source. This continuous power inverter is capable of recycling normally-AC-powered flash units considerably faster than than the 25-pound Profoto Batpack, the 11-pound Innovatronix Mini, the Elinchrom Quadra Ranger and others, with up to five times as many flash WS per charge, operating multi-voltage units at 120VAC.
  • pure sine wave, current-limited inverter
  • includes two standard 120VAC outlets (to power more units, a power strip may be used)
  • includes a multilevel accurate battery charge indicator (red, yellow, and green LEDs)
  • includes a 2A USB port for charging smart phones and tablets
3-Hour Rapid Universal Battery Charger:
The universal rapid charger allows the battery to be recharged from any location in just three hours. Additionally, the VLX™ can be operated while charging, in any country, for all day in-studio shooting.
  • quickly connects to the front panel on the battery (no system disassembly required)
  • can be used on power lines from 100 to 240VAC
  • arrives with a standard 120VAC power cord (adapters can be purchased locally and used)
Huge Capacity For Power Users:
The VLX™ is capable of powering multiple flash units in various power model combinations, powering all Paul C. Buff™ flash units as well as moonlights, multi-voltage units, and power packs made by other manufacturers. A single VLX™ can operate an entire 4-5 light system (using "Power Bar" extension cords) in the field at usable recycle times, or multiple VLX™ units can be employed for lightning fast shooting and extreme numbers of shots per charge.
  • powers multiple flash units with a combined total rating up to 3,200 Ws
  • typically cycles 640 Ws in 2 seconds, 1280 Ws in 4 seconds
Convenient Light Stand Mounting:
The VLX™ employs a sturdy metal stand clamp allowing the system to be clamped to most standard light stands.
  • heavy duty metal light stand clamp
  • can be used on light stands with up to 1-1/2" center poles

Note: Like essentially all battery/inverter type supplies, modeling lamps are not generally used because their power draw would quickly deplete the battery and slow recycle times dramatically. The modeling lamps should be turned OFF, only used for brief previews to maximize battery life, or replaced with very low wattage lamps for successful operation.
Vagabond™ Performance Comparison
1 1 Einstein™ E640 unit (640 Ws) Full Power 640 Ws 1.96 seconds 4.30 seconds 4.63 seconds
2 2 Einstein™ E640 units (640 Ws each) Full Power 1280 Ws 3.5 seconds 8.86 seconds 10.13 seconds
3 3 Einstein™ E640 units (640 Ws each) Full Power 1920 Ws 5.3 seconds 13.0 seconds 15.8 seconds
4 4 Einstein™ E640 units (640 Ws each) Full Power 2560 Ws 7.2 seconds 15.9 seconds 19.2 seconds
4 4 Einstein™ E640 units (640 Ws each) Half Power 1280 Ws 3.3 seconds
1 1 AlienBees™ B1600 unit (640 Ws) Full Power 640 Ws 2.0 seconds 4.13 seconds 4.4 seconds
4 2 AlienBees™ B1600 units (640 Ws each)
2 AlienBees™ B800 units (320 Ws each)
Full Power 1920 Ws 5.27 seconds 14.1 seconds 14.4 seconds

Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme Burst Performance
Einstein™ E640 unit -4.4f 30 Ws 7fps 2.40 seconds 17 shots
4 Einstein™ E640 units -6f 40 Ws 7fps 2.33 seconds 17 shots
Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme
Weight 6 pounds including battery and stand clamp (excluding charger)
2.2-pound inverter / 3.8-pound battery
Dimensions 6.5” h x 5” w 7.8” d (with stand clamp)
Battery 25.6V, 6.2Ah, 158.7Wh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
Inverter 120VAC inverter with two standard, 3-prong 120VAC outlets
Battery Charging 3-hour rapid charging with supplied universal charger
(100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 50VA input)
Powering Capacity multiple flash units with a combined total wattsecond rating up to 3,200 Ws (the more lights connected, the longer the recycle time and the smaller the number of flashes available per battery charge)
Battery Life approx. 2000 full power flashes expected with 160 Ws connected
approx. 1000 full power flashes expected with 320 Ws connected
approx. 500 full power flashes expected with 640 Ws connected
approx. 250 full power flashes expected with 1280 Ws connected
approx. 125 full power flashes expected with 2560 Ws connected
approx. 90 full power flashes expected with 3200 Ws connected

Note: All flash units draw some current when powered on, but idle. This idle current varies from brand to brand, and will eventually deplete the battery charge, even when lights are not being flashed. The greater the number of units connected to a single VLX™ system, the shorter the battery standby life. To maximize battery life during a session, the VLX™ should be switched OFF when not in use.
  • the VLXBAT 25.6V, 6.2Ah, 158.7Wh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
  • the VLXINV Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme 120VAC inverter
  • the VLXCHG 3-hour rapid battery charger (two pieces - charger and cable)
  • your Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme Owner’s Manual
Paul C. Buff™ Flash Units: The VLX™ is designed to provide portable power for multiple Paul C. Buff™ flash units, capable of powering any number of flash units with a combined total wattsecond rating up to 3,200 Ws.

Non-BUFF™ Flash Units: The VLX™ system is designed to provide portable power for Paul C. Buff™ flash units, however, the system can be used to power almost all other brands of photographic flash units as well. While we are not able to test the VLX™ system with all of the various brands and models of flashes available, the system should work with nearly all standard photographic flash units (both analog and digital). Multi-voltage units may only work to an extent and the VLX™ system might only power one or two flash units of this type at a time. To find out about a specific flash unit, contact our Customer Service Team. While we feel confident that the VLX™ system can be used to power various brands of flash units, we cannot make any claim for suitability with any individual products made by other manufacturers, nor can we accept any liability for any damage that might be caused to such equipment. We do, however, warranty the VLX™ system itself as well as any Paul C. Buff™ equipment it powers.

Power Cords: The VLX™ has two standard North American 120VAC, three-pronged power outlets on the front panel of the inverter. The power cords that arrive with Paul C. Buff™ flash units (the standard UPC15 or DA-UPC15) may be used as well as the optional shorter cord (VM-UPC3-120VM) and optional longer cord (UPC25). To connect more than two flash units, a standard power strip / surge protector may be used as long as you choose a well-made power strip with 3-prong, grounded outlets. The proper power cord must be used with the system; simple cord adapters may NOT be used.

Note: We recommend purchasing the VM-UPC3-120V Optional 3-foot Power Cord when using the Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme as this allows minimal cord tangle in your setup. See the last photo above for an example.

Batteries: The VLX™ arrives with a 25.6V, 6.2Ah, 158.7Wh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. For heavy use, a spare battery can be purchased and kept charged for instant, plug-in use.

Battery Charging: The battery is charged with the supplied 3-hour rapid battery charger (VLXCHG), plugged into a standard AC wall outlet. For use internationally, a simple outlet adapter may be used on the battery charging cable (100-240VAC charging).

Modeling Lamps: With essentially all battery/inverter type supplies, a flash unit’s modeling lamps are not generally used because their power draw would quickly deplete the battery and slow recycle times dramatically. The modeling lamps should only be used for brief previews to maximize battery life. We recommend using a 25 Watt modeling lamp in your flash unit when powering it with the VLX™. Standard Edison-base 25 Watt household bulbs may be used for AlienBees™ and White Lightning™ units; for Einstein™ E640 units we offer the 25W 25 Watt Modeling Lamp.

Light Stands: The VLX™ system arrives with a built-in light stand clamp that fits around the stand shaft on all Paul C. Buff™ light stands and most other standard light stands (with up to 1.5” diameter poles). Care must be taken when attaching the system to a stand, with special consideration taken for the additional weight and distribution of weight so that addition of the VLX™ system does not make a stand overly top-heavy and unstable. Maximum stability can be gained by mounting the VLX™ near the bottom of the stand, where it will additionally serve as a stand weight.

Auxiliary Equipment: The VLX™ system may be used to power non-flash continuous loads for small electrical appliances (such as fans, radios, laptops, tablets, etc.) as long as the maximum continuous power drawn in such applications is less than 400 Watts. If a continuous load is used in conjunction with flash unit use, this number should be reduced. Please see our product manual for additional information on powering auxiliary equipment.

Carrying Bag: For around-town travel, we offer the VLXBAG carrying bag. The VLXBAG carries the assembled VLX™ system with the charger.