Student Discount

Get 10% OFF of your entire order with our Student Discount!
You’re the future of the industry and we want to help you get started with professional photographic lighting that fits your budget. Check the details:
  • Are you a student? Prove it. To qualify for the Student Discount, you will need to provide proof that you are currently enrolled in an accredited college, university, or community college in the continental US, Alaska or Hawaii . You do not have to be enrolled full-time and you do not have to be a photography or studio art major. To qualify, we will need one item that includes the following:
    • your name
    • the name of your school (must be an accredited college or university in the U.S.)
    • your current enrollment in the current semester

  • Send us your proof. You can send us a student ID, a note from a professor on school letterhead, or a copy of your current registration or tuition receipt - it simply needs to include the information outlined above. You may e-mail it or fax it to us at: (615) 383-0676. If you are sending your information via e-mail, please be aware that we can only accept documents formatted as plain text, Microsoft Word documents, or PDF documents. If you have scanned your student ID, please send it as a JPEG or GIF file.

  • This discount applies to the enrolled student only. In other words, don't send us your brother's cousin's dog's next door neighbor's Student ID. BEE honest. Remember, cheaters never prosper.

  • The billing info and shipping info must be in the qualifying student’s name. As in, paid for by the student and shipped to the student.

  • It’s 10% off of your order subtotal - shipping and tax are not discounted. Shipping charges are calculated and added based on your location and preferred shipping method and they cannot be discounted. Any applicable taxes will be added and cannot be discounted either.

  • The Student Discount cannot be combined with the package / accessory discount. It’s one or the other. We’ll be happy to quote your desired package both ways and see which will be a better deal for you.

  • You cannot add the Student Discount to your online order. As verification of student status is required, the discount cannot be added to your shopping cart when ordering online. Once we have confirmed your status, we can take your order by phone, or apply the discount to your online order, and let you know the new, lowered total.

All Specials and Discounts may be changed or removed without advanced notice to our customers. We will honor all specials and discounts as they are posted here. If you have any questions regarding the specials and discounts, please contact our Customer Service Team on our Toll Free line at 1-800-443-5542. Thanks!