Repair Form:

Equipment must be returned to Paul C. Buff Inc.™ for warranty or out of warranty repairs (excludes Canadian repairs, click here for more information – scroll down to "Canadian Customers").

International Customers who originally placed their order from us or from PCB Europe or PCB Australia can go through us for repairs and service (whether warranty or non-warranty), though all shipping costs to and from our offices will be the obligation of the customer.

Be sure to carefully package anything for return, and include a printed copy of this Repair Form with your package.

What To Send:
  • Send your carefully packaged flash unit, battery system, remote control, and/or power pack and flash head (select the item that you are sending from the drop-down list below).
  • If you are sending in a flash unit with the modeling lamp and/or the flashtube in place, please use the protective shipping cover. We will not be able to return ship a flash unit with the modeling lamp and/or flashtube in place if your shipping cover is not included as these items could get damaged in shipping.
  • If you are sending in a Zeus™ flash head or power pack for repair, please send BOTH the head and pack so that both can be tested together.

What NOT To Send:
  • Do NOT include any carrying bags for your flash unit.
  • Do NOT include any accessories such as reflectors, gels, barndoors, etc.
  • Do NOT include any cords such as your sync cord or power cord.

Item Needing Repair:
Serial Number:
Shipping Name:

Billing Name:

Company Name:
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Address 2:




Describe the nature of the problem you are having: