The Queen Bee

1 DigiBee DB400 Flash Unit
1 DigiBee Carrying Bag
1 64" White PLM
1 64" Black Outer Cover
1 64" WFDF
1 CSXCV Transceiver
1 CST2 Trigger Transmitter
1 13ACLS 13-foot Light Stand
1 CRK42 Circular Reflector Kit

Total $649.67

The Queen Bee is the perfect one-light setup for our many dedicated photographers who work with the sweetest and smallest of subjects, babies and children. The DigiBee offers a wide 7 f-stop range for flexibility in different environments, plus the bright LED modeling lamp gives you the added flexibility of shooting with flash or with the modeling lamp alone - especially helpful when working with babies and small children who may be distracted by a flash. With the CSXCV CyberSync Transceiver fitted inside the DigiBee's CyberSync port, you'll mount the CST2 CyberSync Trigger Transmitter on your camera's hot shoe and be perfectly set for wireless triggering.

The White 64-inch PLM is included as the ideal accessory for creating a soft, diffused light source with soft shadows and perfect round catchlights in the eyes of your subjects. Used as a shoot-through or bounced light source, the PLM creates a wide, unfocused spread of light covering a 150° area for close, low specularity lighting with large round catchlights and very soft shadows. Using the PLM as bounced light source with the black outer cover, you eliminate unwanted back spill light and maximize the output. Using both the cover and white front diffusion fabric, you have an excellent bounced source with a large, round, softbox-like effect. With any setup, the PLM is ideal for setting up on-the-go, set up and mounted like an umbrella.

The CRK42 5-in-1 Reflector Kit is included for a wide range of uses - it can be held by assistant or propped up nearby to bounce light for shadow fill, to diffuse light from a window, to catch ambient light and more.
The Queen Bee Package
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Anything else I need? If you travel and work outdoors, you could add the VLX Vagabond Lithium Extreme or Vagabond Mini Lithium system (which will pack up alongside the DigiBee in your carrying bag). We always like to recommend purchasing a spare flashtube for photographers who travel as well.

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