The Major League

4 Einstein™ E640 Flash Units
4 13ACLS 13-foot Air Cushioned Light Stands
2 Navajo Turquoise and Purple Haze Vagabond™ Lithium (with 2 FREE VLX™ Carrying Bags)
4 11-inch Long Throw Reflector
2 OMNI™ 18-inch Reflector
2 PLM64U-SS-8mm 64-inch Soft Silver PLM™ Umbrellas with the 8mm Shaft
2 PLM64-WFDF 64-inch White Front Diffusion Fabrics
1 CC CyberSync™ Cyber Commander™
1 CST2 CyberSync™ Transmitter 2
4 CSXCV CyberSync™ Transceivers

Total: $3,736.50

The Major League package is a complete setup for the traveling sports photographer. You’ll have all of the power and versatility that you could ask for with four Einstein™ E640 flash units, ready for rapid shooting with fast flash durations. You’ll be able to control and wirelessly fire the entire setup from camera position using the CST2, Cyber Commander™ and CSXCV Transceivers, allowing you to position your lights and accessories as you want them, then make individual adjustments or total up / down adjustments to the group all at once.

Be ready for indoor and outdoor venues by bringing your own power with a Vagabond™ Lithium Extreme, giving you completely mobility and flexibility in setup. With two VLX™ systems, you can power two flash units per system to maximize the number of shots and the recycle time while eliminating the need to run wires all around the gym, field, or court.

The four 11-inch Long Throw Reflectors are ideal for use in the four corners of a gym or field, producing a direct beam of light with a long throw that maintains high output. For your smaller arenas, use you can use just two Einstein units the two OMNI™ 18-inch Reflectors, optimal for sports shooting up to 80-feet with 30° even coverage. While taking individuals and group photos, use your Soft Silver PLM™ to light a group, then add the translucent white front diffuser for close-up work with individuals. Play with the setup of these flashes and accessories to find the lighting style that suits your work, your subject and your space.

Anything else I need? Make the setup completely portable with Paul C. Buff™ Single Light Carrying Bags for your Einstein units. The LSB48 light stand carrying bag can be used to tote the stands and PLM™ umbrellas.

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