Bee Active

1 DigiBee DB800 Flash Unit
1 DigiBee Carrying Bag
1 CSXCV Transceiver
1 CST2 Trigger Transmitter
1 13ACLS 13-foot Air Cushioned Light Stand
1 FOB35 35" Octabox
1 VM120 Vagabond Mini
1 VMBRKT-SET Vagabond Mini Bracket Set

Total $971.11

Bee Active is an ideal one light, grab-and-go setup for the traveling photographer who needs a quick and uncomplicated setup with flexibility for different locations.

The DigiBee offers a wide 7 f-stop range for flexibility in different environments, plus the bright LED modeling lamp gives you the added flexibility of shooting with flash or with the modeling lamp alone if you’re combining both still and motion photography on location. With the CSXCV CyberSync Transceiver fitted inside the DigiBee’s CyberSync port, you’ll mount the CST2 CyberSync Trigger Transmitter on your camera’s hot shoe and be perfectly set for wireless triggering.

The FOB35 35-inch Octabox is small enough for travel, but creates a gorgeous, soft light source for use indoors and out in various environments - and it sets up quickly with its umbrella-like construction.

The Vagabond Mini is included so that you won’t have to worry about finding reliable power – just mount the battery system to your 13-foot Light Stand using the Vagabond Mini Bracket Set, plug in your flash unit, and you’re ready to go.

And since you’re on the move, the compact DigiBee is perfect for travel! Pack up the DigiBee along with the Vagabond Mini and the CyberSync transmitter and transceiver in the DigiBee Carrying Bag.

Bee Active
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Anything else I need? We always like to recommend purchasing a spare flashtube for photographers who travel. . If you need more power, you can opt for the VLX Vagabond Lithium Extreme over the Vagabond Mini.

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