OMNI™ 18-inch Reflector OMNI™ 18-inch Reflector OMNI™ 18-inch Reflector OMNI™ 18-inch Reflector OMNI™ 18-inch Reflector
OMNI™ 18-inch Reflector
Part Number: OMNI18R
Price: $79.95
  • multi-purpose modifier system for all shooting styles
  • 18” diameter “sweet spot” size for snappy contrast
  • optimal for sports shooting up to 80’ with 30° even coverage
  • perfect for overpowering the sun from a distance
  • included 3-layer diffuser sock forms perfect “RoundBox”
    • ultra-even face illumination for close-in low key lighting or
    • for wide coverage of groups or large products
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty

The OMNI™ 18-inch Reflector is a multi-purpose modifier system for all shooting styles, fitting on the faceplate of all standard BUFF™ flash units (including standard DigiBee units, AlienBees units, Einstein units, both current and retired White Lightning units, and the retired standard Zeus units).

OMNI 18-inch reflector
30º coverage angle
f32+ @10’, ISO100, 640WS
f5.6 @ 80’, ISO200, 640WS

Using the OMNI™ reflector directly (without the included diffusion sock) produces very even 30° coverage with smooth feathering. Its extreme output is ideal for overpowering the sun and for sports and other uses requiring long light-to-subject distances - f8 achievable at 56’, ISO200 for gymnasiums, etc. For girl-on-the-beach shots, light placement of 14’ to 20’ eliminates the unnatural look and wind-prone nature of softboxes and umbrellas, yet still allows f16 to f22 exposure at ISO100, 640WS. This configuration is additionally useful for high-key shooting in the studio and on location, from a modestly large, punchy light-source.
120º coverage angle
f11 @10’, ISO100, 640WS
f4 @ 30”, ISO100, 5WS

Adding the 3-layer diffusion sock to the reflector (fitting over the outside lip) creates exceedingly even 120° coverage and manageable exposure levels, making this the perfect choice for high-key, mid-key, and group lighting - your go-to studio modifier. The 18” diameter is considered ideal by many pros for sweet-spot contrast, specularity and shadow control. Relatively low output and buttery-smooth coverage make this configuration ideal for beauty-dish style, close-in lighting where f4 is achieved at 30” (5WS, ISO100). We suggest using the OMNI™ with the included diffuser in place of beauty dishes or softboxes for many shooters. For even more control and 6/10f lower output, the optional 20° honeycomb grid spot (sold separately) can be used with the included sock.
OMNI with grid
20º coverage angle
f8+3/10 @10’ (with diffuser)
f22+6/10 @ 10’ (no diffuser)
ISO100, 640WS
ADDING THE 20º GRID (NOT included with the OMNI18R - sold separately)

An optional 20º grid for the OMNI™ reflector (sold separately) that can be used directly on the reflector, with or without the diffusion sock in place. The grid snaps into the recessed outer lip of the reflector alone or on top of the diffusion sock. When used directly on the OMNI™ reflector, the grid and reflector are ideal for high output, Hollywood-style selective lighting with superior spill control and isolation. For close-in mood lighting, place the grid over the triple layer diffuser to further reduce the output and achieve high fall-off, high contrast low key lighting effects. The grid reduces the light output another 2/3f stop, allowing even closer placement at wide-open apertures without the “dark center” that is typical with beauty dishes.
very even illumination across
the surface (+/- 1/4f) with a
perfectly round shape

The OMNI™ reflector is designed so that the light rays strike the surface of the triple layer diffuser evenly - from center to edges. This detail is ignored in most other reflectors. The result is a degree of evenness across the diffuser face unrivalled by the best softboxes or beauty dishes. This yields an extremely even, perfectly round light-source for great catchlights and beautiful rendering of reflective objects such as silverware, vases, etc. High diffusion reduces light output to allow low depth-of-field shooting with close light-to-subject distances. Adding the optional 20° honeycomb grid (sold separately) over the diffuser further reduces output and eliminates spill light for even closer lighting, enhanced mood and soft/selective lighting.

Dimensions 18" diameter
Depth 8" depth
Weight 1.25 pounds
Beam Spread 30º coverage angle when used alone
120º coverage angle with the included triple-layer diffusion sock
20º coverage angle with the optional grid (sold separately)
(direct reflector alone)
f32+ at 10-feet (ISO 100), 640 Ws
f8 at 80-feet (ISO 200), 640 Ws
(with the diffusion sock)
f11 at 10-feet (ISO 100), 640 Ws
f4 at 30-inches (ISO 100), 5 Ws
(with the optional grid)
f22 +6/10 at 10-feet (ISO 100), 640 Ws
(with the optional grid
and the diffusion sock)
f8 +3/10 at 10-feet (ISO 100), 640 Ws

  • the 18-inch OMNI™ Reflector
  • he TLDS triple-layer diffusion sock

Flash Units: The OMNI18R attaches to the faceplate of all Paul C. Buff™ standard flash units and flash heads, including the DigiBee units, Einstein units, AlienBees units, retired Zeus heads (Z2500SH and Z2500BTH) and White Lightning units (both the current X-Series line and the retired UltraZAP and Ultra lines). The reflector is not compatible with the AlienBees ABR800 Ringflash, the retired Zeus Ringmaster head, or the retired WL Series (5,000 and 10,000) units.

Honeycomb Grids: The optional OMNIGRID20 20º Honeycomb Grid is designed for use with the OMNI18R and can be used with or without the diffusion sock in place. Other grids will NOT fit the OMNI18R.

Carrying Bag: For around town travel, the HOBD-BAG 22-inch carrying bag can be used to carry one OMNI reflector. The bag additionally includes a zippered compartment to hold a grid (once these are available).