30-inch Moon Unit and Mask Set
30-inch Moon Unit and Mask Set - Temporarily Out of Stock
Part Number: MU30/KIT
Price: $89.95
  • set includes MU30 30-inch Moon Unit
  • set includes MU30-MASKS Mask Set
  • save money by purchasing both together
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty
The MU30/KIT includes both our MU30 30-inch Moon Unit™ and our MU30-MASKS Mask Set. You save $9.95 when both are purchased together in the kit.

See the MU30 and MU30-MASKS product descriptions to learn more.
Included Included

  1. the reversible gold / silver fabric backing

  2. 8 fiberglass rods to form the frame of the unit

  3. the ABRSR black speedring

  4. the aim-through reflector

  5. the white front diffusion fabric

  6. the black fabric mask (fits over the front fabric)

  7. "Star" mask

  8. "Classic Ring" mask

  9. "Ring of Stars" mask

  10. "Sunburst" mask

  11. "Clouds" mask

  12. "Half Moon" mask

  13. "Moon and Stars" mask

  14. "Stars" mask

  15. 4 blank masks (for you to cut your own shapes)

  16. your MU30 Owner's Manual

Flash Units: The MU30 30-inch Moon Unit is designed for use exclusively with Paul C. Buff™ ringflash units - the ABR800 AlienBees™ Ringflash and the retired ZRM1 Zeus™ Ringmaster flash head. The MU30 cannot be used with any other flash units.

Mask Set: The MU30-MASKS Moon Unit Mask Set is designed for use with the 30-inch Moon Unit, with each die-cut mask fitting over the assembled face of the Moon Unit, held in place by the black fabric edge piece that arrives with each MU30 Moon Unit.

Carrying Bag: The MU30 30-inch Moon Unit disassembles to fit inside one compartment of the MUBAG Moon Unit Carrying Bag, leaving room in the two remaining compartments for a ringflash, other flash, an additional Moon Unit or other small accessory.

Speedring: Each MU30 30-inch Moon Unit arrives with the rotating speedring for attachment. For replacement needs only, the ABRSR is available for purchase separately.