PocketWizard PowerMC2 PocketWizard PowerMC2 PocketWizard PowerMC2
PocketWizard® PowerMC2
Part Number: MC2-US and MC2-CE
WARNING to PocketWizard® PowerMC2 Owners / Users:

We identified a potentially hazardous issue with the PocketWizard® PowerMC2 receiver, made by PocketWizard® / LPA Design and designed for use with our Einstein™ flash units. Upon discovery of this issue, we ceased sales of the product.

If the unit’s antenna cover is broken, removed, or in any way damaged, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY and contact PocketWizard®. In rare circumstances, particularly if power line hot and neutral wiring is reversed, as is sometimes the case with old or incorrect house wiring, the uncovered antenna can become electrified, posing a very serious shock hazard.

Additionally, a similar potential shock hazard is present in the mini USB port located on the side of the unit. When the unit is connected to a flash and receiving power, DO NOT touch the port or insert any objects (including a USB cable) into the port.

As the problem has not been resolved to our satisfaction, we do NOT plan to sell the PocketWizard® PowerMC2 in the future.

We made PocketWizard® / LPA Design aware of the issue and understand that they have been working to correct it, but we do not have confirmation of their current status or future plans. We apologize for this inconvenience, but must direct customers to PocketWizard® for information about product updates and plans for future sales.

PocketWizard® can be reached on their technical support line at +1 802-735-1079. They can also be emailed at info@pocketwizard.com or reached through their inquiry page.