The firmware version 50 update includes ALL PREVIOUS UPDATES released, updating Cyber Commander™ units from versions 22, 27, 29, 32, 36, 39, and 40.

From Version 39
  • Corrects the issue of incorrect model lamp wattage displayed when the model lamp is pushed past maximum power while attempting to track with flash output. This only occurred when the relative flash output was set lower than the relative model lamp power.
  • Corrects pixels that remain after “Internal 2” is displayed in OPEN MEMORY or SAVE AS, as well as pixels that remain from the LOW BATT indicator.
From Version 36
  • Corrects issues in which some MicroSD cards meeting specifications were not being read.
From Version 32
  • Corrects an occasional error, sometimes found when the system is used with analog lights, where some indicators would not reflect that the model lamp was set to FULL.
  • Corrects issues where the Cyber Commander™ may occasionally draw excessive power when asleep.
From Version 29
  • Optimizes antenna hardware to increase range by up to 25%.
  • Corrects the power range of the White Lightning™ X3200 (in 1/4 power mode) as displayed on the FLASH screen.
  • Corrects a display error so that the -3.7f Ws power rating of 640 Ws lights now displays as 49.2Ws (previously displayed inaccurately as 9.2Ws).
From Version 27
  • Addresses the issue of corrupting cards. The effect of this issue was typically characterized by the Cyber Commander™ shutting down and not responding to any commands.
  • Adds the ability to open individual channels.
  • Adds a one-touch refresh command to the “Flash” screen to rebroadcast the settings to the lights. This ensures all lights are at the correct and current settings (for example, if power is lost to a light or receiver when an adjustment is made).
  • Optimizes Cyber Commander™ for use with Einstein™ flash units.
  • Corrects the listing of frequencies. Actual frequencies used were not changed (in reference to actual frequencies in GHz).
  • Corrects a display issue when modeling lamps are set to MODEL MODE > FULL. The text on flash screen is corrected to display FULL.
From Version 22
  • Corrects the listed Wattsecond (Ws) rating of the ABR800 from 640Ws to 320Ws.
  • Corrects the listed t.1 flash duration of the ABR800.
  • Fixes a bug in which lights added in SPEC LIGHTS > OTHER fired, even when not selected. These lights now only fire when selected.
  • Used memory locations are now indicated in blue characters, unused locations are indicated by white characters. Previously, all locations used white characters.
  • In SPEC LIGHT screens of groups that were undefined, some text appeared as incoherent characters. This has been corrected to not allow access to these screens. Groups must be defined before access is given.
  • Adds the ability to “lock” a setup on an SD card to prevent overwriting, indicated by red characters when locked.
  • Version 22 was unable to retrieve the lightmeter calibration performed before shipment, resulting in an approximate 1.7 stop discrepancy in lightmeter readings. The calibration can now be retrieved.
NOTE: Downgrading to a previous version of firmware is NOT possible after the version 50 update is performed. The version 50 update includes all updates listed above, and returning to a previous version after the update is performed will NOT be possible.